About Us

Redfish Island Marine has been in business for 11 years, servicing the Clear Lake, Seabrook, Kemah and Galveston areas. We are a clean water advocate and support the Galveston Bay Foundation.

Our team is made up of two skippers and two hands operating two pump out boats and service all the marinas in our area. We take care to ensure that marine waste stays out of our water. We use products that are environmentally safe.

BacTANK T3® employs multiple strains of spore bacteria that are specifically designed to attack the bacteria that cause malodors in the heads and holding tanks. When human waste is introduced into the tank, our bacteria produce enzymes that convert the waste into a food source for the bacteria. The bacteria need this food so they can reproduce and continue the natural cycle of deodorizing, degrading and liquefying waste.

At Redfish Island Marine, we practice good health techniques that help prolong the life of your waste tank. After a scheduled pump out, when requested, we can perform a back flush. This is a technic that pumps fresh water into your waste tank to loosen up any stubborn material to ensure you have a clean and sanitary tank.